“” arrives, for greater Chinese tourism in Spain

HellospainThe creation of “”, for greater Chinese tourism in Spain, is one of the strategies of our country to attract Chinese visitors. The diversity of its tourist attractions, its coasts on the Mediterranean Sea perfect for the summer season, museums, confluence of cultures, an extraordinary architectural wealth that makes history present, nights to all splendour. All this attracts more and more attention and interest of tourists from the Asian country.

Among the actions and instruments to boost the tourism sector with China, is the signing of bilateral agreements and conventions with the Asian giant. It has been shown that Chinese tourism in Spain is that which spends the most resources on purchases and everything related to their stay.

What is “”?

It is a strategic project of the Tourism Institute, for greater Chinese tourism in Spain.

It is a web page written in Mandarin, which was created especially for young tourists born after the 80s. They are young pragmatists, liberals, urban, with contacts abroad. They dominate in English and technology.

This website, “”, is aimed especially at young people of these new generations who prefer to travel alone, as a couple or in small groups of friends. They do not make group trips, and option that their parents and grandparents used to do. They plan their trips based on information that circulates on the internet and rush without fear of adventure. This is the target audience of “”. The website shows that its creators attained a thorough knowledge of the characteristics and interests of the target audience, as well as mechanisms for capturing their attention.

It is designed especially to be consulted on a mobile phone, and it contains all the necessary information to organise a trip to Spain. Specific and diverse information about the country, designed for upper-middle class people who have never travelled in Spain, who have a good command of English and perhaps Spanish, and who, therefore, are self-sufficient without needing guides.

The website presents options and suggestions of all kinds. In addition to the traditional attractions, it highlights the vital experiences that are preferred by the young tourist: nightlife, nightclubs, pubs, parties, flamenco shows, tapas bars, football.

Created with an agile and very dynamic design, typical of the preferred style of young people, “” displays images that seduce. Impossible to take your eyes off the imposing photo of Lionel Messi in the Spanish football classic of Barcelona FC vs Real Madrid, the exquisite tapas and snacks, the panache and grace of the flamenco dancers and the colourful flamenco festivals. How could you not want to visit the majesty of the palaces, the beauty of the beaches, and live the charms of the Spanish city life?

The warmth of the colours and the moments that are represented are highly descriptive, attract attention and provoke the desire to be in Spain. The information that is offered about each activity is concrete and motivating. Suggestions of experiences with specific information on how to access them are also presented.

“” has arrived, for greater Chinese tourism in Spain.




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