Gaokao, Chinese selectivity

GaokaoGaokao is one of the most demanding tests that exist in the Chinese education system. In fact, the fate of millions of students depends on the results of these tests.In practice, this test in China is synonymous with success or failure. For this reason, the more than nine million students who are presented annually feel enormous pressure; It really is the only process that they count on to enter a university.

Gaokao: Success or failure

Gaokao is considered the hardest test in the world; It takes place for two days and is, without a doubt, one of the biggest tests that millions of Chinese students have to overcome. This test will forever mark the lives of these young people.

This examination is of such importance that the questions are transferred by security personnel to guarantee their secrecy. In fact, Gaokao's questions are considered a state secret.

The test is divided into several study areas. The first one is a Chinese exam in the morning. In the afternoon, the student presents one of the three following subjects: Physics, Chemistry or biology. It also covers everything that comprises the area of letters: history, Geography and politics.

On the second day of the test, students are presented to a general math test and in the afternoon to another English test. Each of the tests has a maximum duration of two hours.

The history of Gaokao

The most important examination of China and one of the most demanding in the world goes back to the year 1952. This test was established by the communist regime, though during Mao's revolution he was suspended. The current test design dates back to the one established during the 1977 year test.

From the beginning, the exam was conceived as one of the hardest tests to overcome by the students, in order to be able to choose the few university squares that exist in the Asian giant. The anxiety over this examination has reached such a level that the Chinese authorities have had to take an active part in the matter.

Gaokao: Difference between more and better jobs

The Gaokao is not another test; In fact, if a student is caught while copying companions or original material, he may face a seven-year prison sentence. Unlike other countries, if the student does not approve the Gaokao will only have one more chance.

Not only are there great differences between employment and remuneration opportunities if the student is a college graduate or not. It also influences the choice of the University for which the student may attend. This is a more pressing reason for young students who are looking for a better future; Not just for them, but for the rest of their family as well.

The Gaokao is continually subject to opinions of all kinds. Although the test is tantamount to success or failure, many critics insist that it is not the most effective way to assess the intellectual level of students; It is even said that it can exhaust the creativity and safety of the students.




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