Study Chinese in Spain

Study Chinese in SpainChinese is considered one of the great languages of the future. The economic expansion of the Asian giant and the presence of its citizens, both for business and tourism, is increasingly common in the European community.

China has become one of the most powerful economies in the world. Therefore, it is becoming a necessity to learn its language and to learn a little more about everything related to its culture. More and more Chinese citizens and companies are moving to Europe and American in search of new markets and economic expansion.

At present, thousands of Spaniards study the language in different teaching centres. For many years, the Spanish education system has placed a lot of emphasis on learning English. However, in recent years, the interest and need to learn a third language has arisen, as is the case of Chinese.

The growing commercial relations with the Asian giant, as well as the great flow of Chinese tourists, are two of the main reasons why Spaniards are interested in studying this language.

Chinese is taught in Spain

In Madrid alone, there are more than 11,000 students learning Chinese. Approximately 29 institutes and public schools offer this option as an extracurricular activity, and 19 other private institutions present it as a compulsory subject. Across the country, this figure exceeds 40,000 students, including young people and adults. More than 30 universities spread throughout the Spanish territory offer courses in this language, in which more and more people are interested.

The SEK schools were the first to include the subject of Chinese in their classrooms. From there, the trend has been growing rapidly. The need to offer more opportunities to future generations is based on a better academic education; In this environment, learning a third language is an excellent initiative.

However, despite the fact that Spaniards show a great interest in learning the language, very few decide to travel to China to complete their training. Spaniards prefer to learn from home, and understand that learning abroad would be much more difficult because of the culture shock it presents.

General advantages of learning Chinese

For anyone looking for a job, wanting to expand their business internationally, or simply with cultural or tourist interest, there are many advantages to learning the Chinese language:

  • Travel and tourism in China.
  • Promotion of friendship between Chinese and Spaniards.
  • The discovery of the exciting Chinese culture.
  • The world of business and its possibilities at the international level.
  • The challenge of learning one of the most difficult languages.
  • Include in the Curriculum Vitae a skill that is not very widespread in Spain.

The need to learn Chinese

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Approximately 1.197 billion people communicate in this language. This is, without a doubt, one of the most important reasons to learn it.

There are many business opportunities in the Asian giant and beyond its borders. In practice, a professional who, in addition to speaking Spanish and English, also speaks Chinese, will have more and better job opportunities in any country in the world.

Spain has begun to lose the fear of one of the most difficult languages to learn. Without a doubt, the result of learning Chinese in Spain will bring many positive consequences, both commercially and personally.




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