Increase in the number of agrifood exports from Spain to China

Agrifood exportsWith a ratio of population to territory that exceeds the possibilities of producing its own food, China is the main buyer of the world’s agriculture products. Spain is taking important steps to sustain itself in the Chinese market. The increase in the number of agrifood exports from Spain to China represents 25% of its total exports. The trend shows an increase in the coming years.

The increase in consumption and purchasing power of the Chinese are important factors that determine a growing and diversified demand. Correspondingly, the presence of the supply of Spanish agrifood products in China and the intention of Spanish companies to adjust to the quality, price and quantity standards of this market have also increased.

Main agrifood products exported to China

  • The largest volume is composed of pork meat. This business constitutes 50% of the agrifood exports from Spain to China, a fact of great impact for Spain after the closure of the Russian market due to the crisis in Ukraine.

To meet this demand posed by the increase in the number of agrifood exports from Spain to China, new companies have emerged that are dedicated to this productive sector.

As a result of the requirements of the purchasing company, the Chinese authorities periodically visit Spain in order to approve new exporting companies. The offer has become competitive in price, quality and food safety.

  • Quality wine. It is the second sector which affects the increase of agrifood exports from Spain to China. Bulk wine, which was the first to be exported, is gradually being replaced by quality bottled wines with Denomination of Origin. However, more work is necessary in this sector, and access to areas of China where the wine market is still not saturated
  • Olive oil is another of the products that Spain exports to China and the rest of the world. It is a fluctuating market, because so is the harvest that is available each year. There is a great promotion of olive oil in China as a healthy oil, a fact that has contributed to these exports. China buys quality olive oil from Spain, packaged and well presented
  • Although at a slow pace, the export of fruits is also growing. The Chinese market for citrus fruits looks promising in terms of growth. Spain produces citrus fruits of excellent quality. The sale of plums and peaches is also increasing.
  • The export of dairy products grows continuously. The best-selling by-products are milk, cream, buttermilk and whey.
  • The sale of pellets for animal feed, casings for sausages, hides and skins, which are highly appreciated by the Chinese manufacturing industry due to their high quality, has also had an impact on the increase of exports of agrifood products from Spain to China.
  • Beer has been positioning itself well, and is in the process of becoming the fourth product of agrifood exports from Spain to China.

Although the country that has had the best sales volumes to China has been Spain, it is necessary to continue moving forward so that the pace does not decline. It is a market in which you have to work every day, especially for the volume of consumption that makes it a great source of income. 




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