Cars made in China

Cars made in ChinaChina will try, once again, to conquer the European and American markets through exports of different types and models of cars. Unlike previous attempts, this time the cars are of a better quality. And this detail, along with different strategic alliances, will make the Asian giant much more competitive.

Until not long ago, cars made in China were synonymous with low quality. When China exported its first wave of cars in 2005, the result was disastrous. First, the cars did not pass the safety tests. Secondly, they could not even get close to sales expectations. In fact, the car manufacturer Brilliance had estimated to sell more than 150,000 cars; it only managed to sell 968 throughout Europe.

Despite the terrible result of 2005, the Asian giant is preparing to try to conquer the market again. This time, the quality of their cars has improved considerably. Chinese brands such as GAC Trumpchi and Geely will begin to export some of their vehicle lines to the United States and Europe respectively.

SF Motors: the Tesla competition

Another Chinese brand has arrived to challenge the one that until now is the largest developer of electric cars: Tesla. SF Motors will begin exporting its vehicles from 2019. This powerful brand can oust Tesla from first place.

It must be remembered that Tesla is going through an important crisis, due to a delay in the manufacture of the Model 3; the consequences being the users’ complaints about the Autopilot and loss of the value of their bonds in the stock market.

On the other hand, SF Motors will try to conquer the market with a wide variety of electric models that it is manufacturing in Santa Clara. They will start with some SUV models, specifically the SF5 and the SF7. The manufacturer estimates that they will produce around 200,000 SF5s by 2019.

To carry out all these projects, SF Motors has teamed up with other powerful brands such as Siemens, Bosch, Dürr and Samsung SD; what they seek is the guarantee of presenting very powerful and high quality vehicles.

Lynk & Co and GAC Motor

Lynk & Co is another powerful Chinese manufacturer that hopes to conquer the market with exclusively electric hybrid cars. Lynk & Co is the owner of Lotus and Volvo, as well as the manufacturer of the famous black cabs in London.

For its part, GAC Motor also expects to debut in 2019. To do it through the front door, it has made strategic alliances with important and recognized brands such as Honda, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler.

A challenge presented to companies such as Lynk & Co and GAC Motor is that of the existing doubts, both in the United States and in Europe, about cars coming from China. In this sense, the manufacturers hope to break the patterns and demonstrate that their vehicles meet all quality standards. In addition to this, they will exhibit the latest in technology and comfort.

Subscription sales

One of the novelties that Lynk & Co will unveil is the sale of its vehicles through the internet. The brand will create a page where the customer must pay a certain amount for the subscription. Once this is done, each user can use the car, paying the monthly said subscription; you can also return the vehicle without any kind of commitment.

The cars made in China are prepared, once again, to conquer the European and American markets. However, there is a significant difference from previous attempts. This time, they offer high quality vehicles, the product of strategic alliances with other giants of the sector. Only time will tell if Europeans and Americans allow themselves to be conquered.




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