The brands made in China

The brands made in ChinaUntil recently, brands made in China were synonymous with poor quality. However, in recent years an interesting change has occurred with respect to their valuation. Chinese merchants are beginning to cross their borders with better products. The objective is, without a doubt, to position itself better in different segments and remove the label that until now has accompanied them.

The best brands made in China

Tencent is one of the great technological giants of China; this brand retains, for the fourth consecutive year, the title of the most valuable Chinese brand. It is a company that provides internet and mobile phone services.

The Haier group is one of the most important multinationals in China. It is a company that manufactures appliances, and these products have gradually made their way into that competitive market. It is one of the brands made in China that have better positioned themselves in recent years. In fact, Haier has been one of the companies with the largest share of whitegoods worldwide.

Undoubtedly, Huawei is one of the most recognised Chinese brands in the world. The quality of its products has been the key to the success of this Chinese multinational. Huawei specialises in advanced research and development technology, communications equipment, electronic production, and customised network solutions, among others.

Another of the most valuable brands in China is the private consortium Alibaba Group. This company is dedicated to electronic commerce over the internet; a type of commerce that includes retail, sale among consumers, business-to-business portals, search engines with price comparison, data storage in the cloud, and online payment services, among others.

The most valuable brands in China

ICBC: The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is the largest bank in China and the largest in the world by market capitalisation. It is also the most profitable bank in the world, the largest in terms of deposits and also the largest in terms of market value.

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company specialising in the manufacture of computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, televisions, printers, headphones and other electronic devices. Its name has stood out in a highly competitive market due to the quality of its products.

Air China is the country’s state airline. It is the only airline that carries the flag of China in its entire fleet. It was founded on July 1, 1988, and since then it has established itself as one of the best airlines of the Asian giant. Millions of people use their service and fly to hundreds of destinations, both internally and internationally.

Baidu comes fourth in the most visited places on the internet. It is a Chinese search engine, very similar to the giant Google; Through it you can find news, songs, images and videos, among other things. One of the distinctive features of this search engine is the possibility of searching audio files, such as MP3 and Windows Media Audio.

Without a doubt, the brands made in China are here to stay. Many of them are working hard to eliminate the label of “bad quality” that until very recently accompanied the products and services from the Asian giant. These brands have managed to position themselves in the international market with great success and have managed to improve the valuation of their products.




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