The Spanish project "Strategic vision for Spain in Asia 2018-2022"

The Spanish project The Spanish project "Strategic Vision for Spain in Asia 2018-2022", developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has as its main purpose the promotion of relations with the Asian continent.

What is the project about?

The Asian economy is dynamic, has a lot of potential, and is in full development. Additionally, it has a very heavy demographic weight in economic figures, so it will always be considered a market to develop and in which to look for great opportunities.

In that sense, the plan "Strategic Vision for Spain in Asia 2018-2022" has been developed. The objective is for Spain to recover and promote its projection towards Asia.

The document can be seen, not only a summary of the relations that Spain has maintained with the Asian continent, but also all the strategies that will be developed over the next few years.

To enhance the actions to be carried out, the impressions of some of the country's main economic operators have been collected and reflected in the project; opinions are also collected from representatives, social agents and Spanish cultural agents.

With all the data collected, it is about exposing the shared visions between civil society and the administration. The next thing will be to design a plan with the strategies to develop, to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by a market as extensive and developed as Asia.

In addition to the strategies, the document also develops a section in which different aspects are exposed: it is the case of political differences, opportunities, threats, values, security, human rights and expansion in educational, technical terms and cultural.

General strategies of the Spain in Asia plan

One of the main objectives of the project, based on the opportunities offered by the Asian continent, is to facilitate the transformation of the Spanish production model to different segments that offer greater benefits and added value. Asia is at the forefront of the new economic and financial world order, so it is essential to open a path in that market.

In this sense, the document recommends different actions so that Spain can focus an action plan; This plan will be organized in areas such as tourism cooperation, urban planning, security and the fight against terrorism. Other important issues will be: disaster risk reduction, trade, development of alternative energies, promotion of Spanish language learning, science and technology, among others.

For all this, it is proposed to carry out an impact study on the Spanish economy and regional integration. Likewise, the objective of promoting international investments and different action plans to coordinate efforts, for the benefit of all the countries involved, is proposed.

Another strategy is aimed at the new "silk route"; it is about that all the agents, both private and public, participate and contribute their knowledge and creativity to guarantee the participation of Spain in this important agreement.

Another approach embodied in the document is to study different ways to facilitate and use all the economic and business potential of second generations of Chinese in Spain.

Similarly, it also proposes the realization of promotions for work activities and educational and holiday plans, between both countries. In addition to seeking an economic benefit, economic and educational exchange is also pursued.




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