E-Commerce in China, a booming comercial modality

E-Commerce in China, a booming comercial modality

For quite some time, Chinese society has established itself as the one that most uses the online channel for the acquisition of goods and services, taking years of advantage to any other country in this field. Only one fact: the number of online buyers in China exceeded 1,000 million people in the last year.

The development of a strong middle class in China meant an increase in the demand for consumer goods, and e-commerce has come to expedite the acquisition of goods and services of all kinds that we can imagine. In addition, much of Chinese society began to demand quality foreign products, particularly for consumption, and e-commerce allows them to access these products more easily and as you can see there has been a real boom in sales.

But e-commerce can be a double-edged sword if some basic aspects such as the following are not addressed: usually selling in e-commerce is a strategy that requires high investment and time; also it is necessary to bear in mind that the information that the consumer sees in the online channel has to coincide with the one that exists in the offline channel in case of existing one; on the other hand, we must not lose sight of the fact that e-commerce and social networks are closely related in China, where there are social networks for each of the social segments that we can imagine with their particular need for goods and services to be satisfied, so that Do not neglect them because they also provide useful consumer information. In short, the e-commerce strategy requires a constant and exhaustive update, otherwise it will be bound to fail.

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