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Faciel recognition. Smile to pay

Smile to paySmile and pay. The facial recognition “Smile to pay” allows you to buy without using cash or smartphones.

It is another technological innovation of the giant Alibaba.

The face pays

Just by showing the face, the debt will be paid. This is a reality in China, thanks to Alibaba and the facial recognition system “Smile to pay”.

It is an extension of Alipay, the electronic payment system created by the technology company. This starts its expansion through the fast-food chain KFC, in Hangzhou.

It's not science fiction, it's real

This is not science fiction. Facial recognition is an expanding practice in China.  Access to some buildings or the payment of some services is already done this way.

Secure, reliable

Security is not a problem. Alibaba incorporated double verification into the facial recognition system Smile to pay. This allows the user to validate the payment on their mobile, even switched off, after their face is scanned.

Sophisticated algorithm

The process involves a 3D camera, which scan the buyer’s face in a digital order kiosk. It has a sophisticated algorithm capable of detecting shadows and other characteristics of people. To complete the purchase, the user must have an Alipay account with a registered telephone number.

In a few seconds, the system accesses the Alipay account and compares the face with the profile picture. The user must then enter their phone number.

No cheating

The company Alibaba states that the system is able to differentiate a real face from a photo or video. To cheat the algorithm is not a real possibility, so security is guaranteed.

Facial recognition is, together with fingerprint and iris, one of the components of biometric recognition. In China the former is prioritised. With just your smile you may skip the steps of showing your credit card or swiping your mobile by the tag NFC.

The first physical location

K Pro is the branch of the first American fast food chain of KFC in Hangzhou. It will be the first physical location to establish the facial recognition system “Smile to pay”.

Ant Financial, a technological subsidiary of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, devised the project. It is a device against which the consumer may allow their face to be scanned. This is evidence of the increasing use of facial recognition in China, which goes beyond the scope of security, to reach the stores.

Expanding horizons

Progressively, other businesses and restaurants will receive the system. Although Ant Financial is part of the company that manages KFC in China, this technology will not be exclusive to the North American franchise.

The facial recognition technique has two main objectives. The first is to eliminate the dependence on cash for payment. Another goal is getting people to go out without their smartphones or wallets. Substitutes like mobile payment and now smile to pay are growing in China.

Happy consumer

In the coming months this facial recognition will be in more shops. The idea is to increase the number of terminals needed for facial recognition Smile to pay and provide greater convenience to the Chinese consumer.




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