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The appliances of the future

The appliances of the future

A mirror with a camera that knows if you are sad, a refrigerator that measures your vital signs or an intelligent system that listens to your voice and adjusts the light to your mood. This will equip the houses of the future, homes that in China begin to be seen as not too distant.

The main brands of household appliances of the world presented this week in the city of Shanghai (east of the country) its latest developments in the Appliance and Electronics World Expo (AWE 2019), one of the main global fairs in the sector.

After four days of presentations and talks, the desire and plans of the signatures for our lives became clear: artificial intelligence will reign in homes, with appliances that will not only do what you ask but will be able to detect your emotions and react.

"The tendency of the market is for artificial intelligence to get more and more into our homes, for everything to be connected and for 'big data' to be collected so that the devices are more and more intelligent," explained the director. international marketing department of the fair, Thomas Wang.

Devices that look like science fiction will become part of our daily lives in the not too distant future, said Wang, who believes that they could start seeing each other at home "in two or three years", although everything presented at the fair will be available in the market "next month".

So that an apparatus can know our emotions, he explains, "the machine has two forms": "see your face and listen to your voice". "After seeing how you are," he says, "the artificial intelligence system of a house reacts quickly and can act with elements such as light, temperature or sounds."

Playing relaxing music if you are stressed, for example, or lowering the temperature if a family discussion occurs.

Washers that detect the clothes that we put through a camera and decide the most convenient washing program, air conditioners that detect your presence, know who you are and adjust their temperature to your preferences or refrigerators that they know -also thanks to cameras inside - The food we have.

"It is working so that the refrigerators not only recognize the food that is inside, but they look for the best recipe combining the foods that we have", tells a person in charge of public relations of the Chinese mark Midea, one of the most popular of the country.

The fridge is also able, through the fingerprint, to measure the vital signs of the user to detect health problems such as low pressure, while another of the air conditioners presented by the brand uses infrared rays to measure the user's temperature and know if it needs more cold or heat.

"The trend is also that technology aligns with health", explains the representative of Midea, and also "with care for the environment," says vice president of the Haier brand, Li Yang, another of the most powerful from China.

"Haier is transforming the business towards ecology, the internet of things and artificial intelligence," says the manager.

The latest washing machine presented at the fair by the company can read the labels of clothing, recognize the colors and materials to prepare a cleaning plan that protects clothes, as well as offer suggestions such as drying the laundry in the sun on the balcony.

The market of household appliances has become a great bet of China and, according to a report presented at the fair, the income of this sector increased by 9.9% during 2018 to reach 1.49 trillion yuan (222,000 million dollars, 196,000 million euros).

"We have a very strong industry that makes more teachers and more students dedicated to topics such as innovation," Wang explained, something that makes China "one of the main builders of the houses of the future."



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