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5G is already a reality in China

 5G is already a reality in China

The 5G is already a reality and China wants to be the tip of its spear. This was shown by the world's leading technology companies at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, the most important telephony fair in the Asian continent, held from June 26 to 28, 2019 in China.

Although without major presentations or news, the main telecommunications companies have focused their efforts this year on exhibiting their advances in this technology that, according to experts, will mark a before and after in areas ranging from medicine to transportation.

The 5G goes far beyond mobile phones and therefore the telecommunications companies seek to diversify and position themselves in this technology that will allow exchanging information and data at a speed up to ten times higher than that of the current 4G networks.

This ensures that there is hardly any latency, that is, the time that elapses between when a request is sent until the first response bit is received. Trucks that circulate in dangerous areas such as mines and can be moved remotely, without the need for personnel; Surgical operations with robots with millimeter precision thanks to the absence of the aforementioned latency or autonomous vehicles that are able to minimize the braking distance, are some of the possible applications presented these days at the fair.

"I can clearly say to everyone that in the 5G issue we will not be affected at all, neither in the contracts we have signed nor those we are going to sign," Huawei Technologies global vice president Ken said at the fair. Hu

"We will continue to be leaders in 5G because, among other things, we will maintain and increase investment," said Hu, who recalled that the company began a decade ago to investigate this technology and that until now it has invested more than 4,000 million dollars.

Precisely, the struggle for leadership in the 5G seems one of the reasons that underlie the trade war that Beijing maintains with Washington, given that Huawei took the lead. On June 6, the Chinese government decided to start a "new era" in the telecommunications industry and granted the first licenses for the commercial use of 5G networks to the companies China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Broadcasting Network.

Despite this, experts cited by the Chinese press agree that these companies will probably take longer to offer full 5G services to their customers due to the "high costs" of this technology. Sooner or later, experts agree that when the 5G is implemented, it will provoke a revolution.

"I believe that all industries will benefit from a change in the use and approach of all these technologies, 5G will be an important foundation for China's digital economy," Hu said. In parallel to the 5G, some brands also made presentations of their novelties, such as the Chinese OPPO, which exhibited its first camera below the screen.

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