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China will have its own artificial sun from 2020

China will have its own artificial sun from 2020

The device, called HL-2M Tokamak, will start operating from 2020, according to the head of the Southwestern Institute of Physics, Duan Xuru, who is part of the National Nuclear Corporation of China.

According to a publication of the Russian Sputnik media, the temperatures inside this machine could reach 200 million degrees Celsius, which exceeds 13 times the heat recorded in the center of the king star.

Similar devices that were created earlier came to heat up to 100 million degrees Celsius. Nuclear fusion is the reaction supplied by the Sun, and involves the alloy of two light hydrogen nuclei into one of helium.

This type of reaction generates a large volume of energy and, in order to simulate this process on Earth, Chinese scientists must transform the fuel used inside the apparatus into plasma, heating it to at least 100 million degrees Celsius.

Next, the HL-2M Tokamak will use magnetic fields to stabilize the plasma that will be confined and then expel the energy.

The flexibility of these magnetic fields is the main feature that highlights the HL-2M Tokamak over the rest of the analog devices.

"The affordable flexibility in the HL-2M will allow researchers to explore new solutions to this problem," said James Harrison, a physicist at the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

As he told the Newsweek magazine, particles and extreme heat produced by these devices can damage the surfaces inside your reactor.

When the mechanism is put into service, it is most likely that each part of the system will be tested separately, so that physicists then carry out the test in full.

Once the first experiments have been performed, the next step will be to make the device produce low-performance plasma, in order to optimize its operation with the improvement of several subsystems.



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