Experience in Spain

Travel management: Hotel and flights

EurochinaBridge collaborates with travel agencies that manage hotels (4 and 5 stars) and flights. The clients will propose the dates and type of hotel so that EurochinaBridge adapts to their criteria.

Interpreter included

An interpreter will accompany you on your trip and provide you with all the information you want and will help you in all your business meetings and meetings. An interpreter of your trust is essential to obtain a high quality service and be able to succeed in your negotiations.

Personalized tourist route

You can also extend your business trip with a tour that suits your tastes and needs.

Natural landscapes and places of interest

Spain has a great tourist wealth: landscapes and natural environments, variety of climates (Mediterranean, Atlantic and mountain), historical, artistic and cultural heritage internationally recognized.

History, landscapes and places of interest in China

China is a millennial country and its history is present in its monuments. From the Great Wall, the Forbidden City or the Temple of Heaven, to the warriors of Xian.

Your business trip can be complete if you take the opportunity to make some of the most interesting visits during your stay. EurochinaBridge will advise and accompany you throughout the journey.




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