High standing gastronomy course

High standing gastronomy course

The cooking schools of recognised international prestige offer courses in gastronomy and culinary art for all those people who wish to discover the world of haute cuisine. The method of these schools is based on achieving excellence through constant practice and refinement, thanks to a complete and multidisciplinary education.

Creativity and innovation

In the culinary courses, the students will learn concepts, experiences, innovation and creativity trends and culinary technological techniques from the best professionals.

International prestige centers

The international awards and recognitions are fundamental for the development of a culinary academy. Spain is one of the world leaders in international fine cuisine. The contribution of the great Spanish chefs connects with the gastronomic reality and the academic world.

High standing gastronomy course

Kitchen and pastry

Universal cooking courses to become a great culinary expert. Tapas, regional cuisine, traditional and cultural dishes and pastries are some of the specialties that can be learned.

Learning culinary techniques

Culinary techniques are a basic learning tool for those people who are starting their studies in the kitchen world and for those who are studying in the hotel industry. General concepts, specific vocabulary and study of each ingredient are taught until you reach the making of the gastronomic dish.



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