Legal Advice

Legal advice

As a result of our experience, we provide high value added services to international investors interested in investing in Spain. These services include:

  • Legal advice includes:

    • Advice to the investor on obtaining legal residence or personal projects for expats.
    • Advice on company formation: for companies that decide to expand and internationalise abroad and carry out their activity through the correct legal form and adapted to the country of destination.
    • Advice on trademark and patents registration: We provide advice both in the contractual field (preliminary negotiation and drafting stage) and on the defence and protection of acquired rights.
    • Advice on the negotiation and contract drafting (joint venture, purchase-sale, confidentiality agreements, etc): The agreements require a good knowledge of and experience with the legislation of the place where the business will be carried out in order to adapt to the circumstances of that country. China has become the world's commercial center and many companies want to be present in this country in order to expand and internationalise. The same applies to investments made by Chinese investors in Spain. A good drafting of an adapted contract is essential to establish business ties with any country. In addition, the most important clauses to keep in mind in the negotiation and signing of a contract are essential to avoid possible setbacks with the other party.
    • Advice for international trade: The large volumes of import and export from Spain involve compliance with Spanish and European regulations and, therefore, compliance with legal requirements that must be taken into account for a proper international operation.
  • Financial advice.
  • Tax advice.
  • Advice in specific fields of investment (real estate investment, investment in financial assets, investment in technology companies, etc.).
  • Technical advice (includes economic, technical or engineering evaluations, etc.).
  • Real estate advice includes:
    • Due Diligence legal: Process of review of real estate assets, both at the legal level, as registration (existence of charges or charges), municipal (taxes or charges) or tax (pending taxes or cadastral valuations).
    • Due Dilligence técnica y urbanística: Constructive characteristics, status of the asset, possible pathologies. Review of indoor facilities and high service situation.
    • Comparative valuations to determine the market value of the selected assets.
    • Assistance in negotiating prices and contracts.
    • Structure of possible financing: Assistance in the entry of funds from other countries for the purchase of real estate assets.
    • Fiscal advice both in the purchase and in the possible profitability of the assets (rent, opening business).
  • Our team has the necessary official accreditations of both the College of Property Administrators of Barcelona and Lleida, as well as the College of Real Estate Agents to exercise these functions on an official basis.



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