Guided tour of the winery

Guided tour of the winery

Visit to the cellar facilities and the natural environment. All winemaking processes are visited, from the harvest to the process of wine conservation and storage, as well as tastings of the different wines. It is very interesting because it provides a very complete information of all the processes and helps to know much better the products, their advantages and possibilities of commercialization.

Transportation, food and entry

EurochinaBridge offers its clients the possibility of organizing and managing transport, food and entrance to the winery; as well as the proposal of the different prestigious wineries located in Spain. This service can be extended in the same route to other agri-food products, such as oil or nuts.

Possibility of accommodation

EurochinaBridge offers its clients the possibility of organizing and managing the accommodation in the winery itself that has been visited.


During the route the history of the winery is explained. It also reveals the evolution in winemaking, its tradition and initial artisan work up to the current procedures to discover the Spanish wine culture.

Wine tasting

Tasting a wine is subjecting it to our senses, particularly taste and smell, to determine its quality. Although, we must not forget that sight, touch and even hearing also intervene in the tasting. Therefore, tasting a wine consists in analyzing it according to three basic questions:

  1. Visual analysis: the color, transparency, brightness, intensity, shades of the pigment and formation of bubbles.
  2. Analysis of the aromas: fruit, floral, herbaceous, toasted and spicy, valuing its cleanliness, complexity and intensity.
  3. Analysis of sensations in the mouth: acidity, sweet impressions, astringency caused by tannins, matter and body, balance, persistence of aromas, etc.



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