Why EurochinaBridge

Why EurochinaBridge

We are a consultancy, with an international vocation, dedicated to establishing bridges between Spain and Asian, Latin American and Arab countries, with a presence in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia), China (Beijing and Shanghai), Kazakhstan (Astana) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh).

SF Lawyers and EurochinaBridge are a business group that provides advisory services for international entities and investors interested in the European and Latin American markets. This group aims to collaborate and participate in the internationalisation of investment programs, as well as multilateral and global exchange in various fields, carrying out activities aimed at this end, through building bridges between different countries, cultures and sectors.

EurochinaBridge has an international presence through its own offices in different cities and countries, as well as prestigious partners in various parts of the world. This presence is increased by participating in fairs and international events.

EurochinaBridge is a company that provides investment cooperation and development services, as well as services to companies interested to enter the European and Latin American markets. In addition, we act as an intermediary between Spanish and Chinese companies for the internationalisation and export of Spanish products to the Chinese market. In the same way, we also offer legal services for the import of Chinese products to introduce them into Spanish territory.

EurochinaBridge is committed to major projects to contribute to the development of Spain and southern Europe. In this situation, we participate in the project for the development of rail transport linking Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and China to allow more efficient transportation of goods between Asia and North Africa and southern Europe.



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