Duanwu the dragon boat festival

DuanwuAccording to the Chinese lunar calendar, the fifth day of May Chinese citizens celebrate Duanwu, the Dragon Boat Festival. For the West, these dates coincide roughly with the early days of June. It is an ancient celebration, which has a prominent place in this culture.

Also known as "The Fifth", the festival gives more weight each year to the typical dishes. Other ways in which the event is called in China are: "Summer party", "glutinous rice Festival", "Poet's party", "Daughters ' Party" or "Tamal Party".

The Dragon Boat Race is still the hub of the entire festivity. It is said that, when Qu Yuan disappeared in the river, the people came out massively in the boats to seek the body. The following year, the death of the commemorated same way; This tradition continued, expanding into neighboring countries like Vietnam or Japan.

Since 1980, the formality of the dragon boat Races has been established. Even the tournament was included in the Chinese formal sport; This fame and follow-up was consolidated in the so-called "Qu Yuan Cup". The celebration reached institutional level in 1991 and the exact site of this competition is Yue Yang, the hometown of the poet.


Duanwu, Festival of the Dragon Boat, pays homage to the illustrious poet Qu Yuan. Legend has it that 2.287 years ago the wise poet died tragically because of a struggle for the Union of the Chinese people.

Born in the period of the Warring States, Qu Yuan was courteous of the state of Chu, the largest territory in dispute. The king of this region expelled the poet before the orders of unity. The Kingdom of Chu was conquered by the Qin, another ambitious kingdom, according to the unheard predictions of Qu Yuan. It is believed that this saddened the poet so much, that he ended up committing suicide in the Miluo River.

After two thousand years, the Chinese continue to honor the poet. Both his verses, of eternal beauty, and his patriotism, are revered every year. The colorful festivities use vibrant symbols and an allegorical gastronomy with international renown.

The typical candies and the artemis

The sweetness of the Zongzis is another typical element of the ceremony. It is said that the inhabitants, in front of the disappearance of the poet Qu Yuan, began to throw food to the fish so that they do not damage the body. This custom has also kept its validity. Later on, the recipe of the popular Zongzis was established.

The Zongzis are reed leaves stuffed with glutinous rice, which is combined with different fillings. According to the different Chinese regions, ingredients are added or replaced; They can be prepared in a sweet or salty way.

The Duanwu, Festival of the Dragon Boat, is also characterized by the medicinal sachets of Artemis that are given away or hung in the houses. The tradition tells us that Artemis was kept in small bags, to remove diseases and bad luck. Nowadays, the bags of Artemis are given away even to the children, so that the aroma of the different herbs accompanies them all the day.

Many Chinese brothers have incorporated this festive date into their calendars. There are at least 30 ethnic minorities who, every year, reminisce about the eternal struggle for justice and fairness.




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