ZECRON is a pioneer company in the manufacture of chemical products for the treatment of industrial water, maintenance and services, with experienced staff that offer new technologies based on energy savings and maintenance, reducing overall costs.

ZECRON products result in a reduction in costs and energy savings, as well as anticorrosive protection and greater safety that allows a level higher than the current level for water treatment.

Steam Bolier

 zecron iconWater treatment is relative to the amount of purges.

 zecron iconA protective layer for the steam boiler equipment.

 zecron iconDispersion of the incrustations.

 zecron iconA single product.

 zecron iconThe pH is adjusted due to the neutralizing amines.

 zecron iconNo salts are added to the water.

 zecron iconReduction of water consumption.

 zecron iconIncrease of the useful life of the equipment.

 zecron iconReduction of energy costs.

 zecron iconReduction of maintenance costs.


 zecron iconSimple product for different purposes.

 zecron iconSolution for different problems.

 zecron iconThe main problem is pollution.

 zecron iconMaintenance is useful for the machine and reduce costs.

 zecron iconIt adapts to the legal requirements of the company.

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